Journalistic Photography

Women’s March on the  Air Capital: Jan. 21, 2017


Hutchinson Wild Fire, Mar. 6, 2017

Alabaster State Caverns, Sept. 27, 2014


Kansas State Fair, Sept. 2016

Renaissance Festival, October 2016

Hutchinson Community College geology field trip, Oct. 2016

Renaissance Festival 2015

Kansas State Fair, Sept. 2015

1st place: Sheep Shearing Series,


1st place cattle showing

Main Street Christmas, December 25, 2016

Ellinwood, Ks.

Sterling, Ks.



David Garibaldi, live painter performs during a Dillon Lecture Series at the Hutchinson Sports Arena, April 2017.


February, 2016 The Warm Angles knit winter caps, free to who needs them at Elmdale Senior Center

April 2016, Hutchinson Night Relays at Hutchinson Community College Gowans Stadium

May 2016, Hutchinson Community College robotics program